What Inspired Us

Poor Health
Lack of adequate basic health services and awareness in most settlements have resulted into emmergence of tropical diseases,thus rise mortality.
High Poverty
Economic instability and high cost of living has landed a lot of people to poor living standard.
Poor Education Services
There has been increase in level of school dropouts.
Poor Hygiene & Sanitation
Environmental sanitation in most of the settlements has raised a serious public health concern.
Dirty Water for domestic purposes
Contaminated water consumed by the public has raised a lot of health and environmental threats to human.
Social Injustice
Cases of human rights discrimination especially to the disable community has risen in the past and requires justice.
Lack of standard Training of KSL
Lack barrier amongst the disable community and the rest have become a concern due to inadequate training.
Unemployment rate
The rise in the number of unemployed youths and disable individuals has resulted into a lot of social crimes due to poor living standard.